Best Free Keyboard Apps for Android

Shreesh asks: You gave us the list of best paid keyboard apps for Android but can you please provide best free keyboard apps for Android apps? I want to try the free android keyboard apps first.

Many people like to test apps before purchasing them. This is possible when an app is either free of or available in trial mode. The below mentioned list is in continuation to the list of best paid keyboard apps for Android. So let’s see which all apps fit to this list.

Best Free Keyboard Apps for Android

There are many free Android keyboard Apps but only few of them have good feature worthy enough to try.

1. Go Keyboard

Go keyboard is a free Android keyboard app available in the Google Play store. Go Dev Team has included many features in this keyboard app which includes:

  • Accurate dictionaries
  • Multi-lingual support and keyboard layouts
  • Import Contacts
  • Themes

Go keyboard app for Android

  • Slide input
  • Multi-touch keyboard
  • Skins and backgrounds
  • Emoji support

In a nutshell Go dev team has included everything in this app. It’s the best alternative keyboard for android and it is also free.

2. Swype

Swype is a QWERTY keyboard where words are entered through swiping. Swiping is nothing but moving the finger on alphabets and words are entered in single stroke. Once a user swipes the app itself determines the desired word and enters it in active text box. Even if user miss swiping a key while typing, Swype itself figures out the word and makes it available in active text box.

Swype for Android

Swiping is a much faster method in comparison to tap typing method. Swype comes pre-installed on Android devices and is needed to be activated. Swype also offers haptic feedback which can turn off and on. Swype has been acquired by Nuance Mobile Life (the company behind FlexT9).

3. Siine Keyboard

We gave a detailed review for Siine keyboard. Siine keyboard is a totally different approach towards how a person types their text. To make it more easier, Siine keyboard developers have included some unique shortcuts in the form of built-in icons along with pre-defined texts. This feature helps users in typing sentences faster by pressing few buttons only.

Siine Keyboard App for Android

Siine Keyboard has following features:

  • Shortcuts
  • Built-in Clock and Calendar
  • Personalized Emoticons
  • Sexy Delete
  • Stress Message screen

Siine Keyboard is available for free download on Google Play Store

4. MessagEase Keyboard

MessagEase is another best alternative keyboard for Android with non-conventional approach. MessagEase keyboard is a combination of larger keys and a patented design which is optimized for speed and accuracy. Since this alternative keyboard is very different from QWERTY style keyboard so user would require some time of get used to it.

MessageEase keyboard app for Android

Developers contested their app and in the result top champion’s record was 63 words per minute without use of dictionary or AutoCorrect. MessagEase is a free app available on Google Play Store.

5. TouchPal Keyboard

TouchPal is a highly configurable keyboard app for android devices. TouchPal has got QWERTY keyboards, number keypads and other different layouts which can be switched by swiping left or right on the keyboard.

Touchpal keyboard app for Android

With more than 20 language packs and more available for installation, TouchPal becomes a sophisticated app for those who work in multi languages. The text prediction feature of TouchPal is also very good at predicting words. TouchPal is available for free in Google Play Store.

So this was the list of best free keyboard apps for Android. If you have a favorite keyboard app which is not mentioned in our list then please share it in comments.

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