Android Pay APK 1.12.141346482 Latest Version Free Download

Download Android Pay APK 1.12.141346482 Latest version free for Android

The latest APK 1.12.141346482 version of Android pay has been launched. This is a new payment system by google. This payment system will be automatically available on google android operating system. Some of the sources said that this google pay has a fingerprint lock sensor which could grab public attention. Google has developed a lot more strategies to make the application and to publicize it they want to excel the application more over apple pay which is also a payment method developed by Apple Inc.

The services are same to apple pay. The transactions prove that this application has a good security level. This feature will attract more and more customers and prevent people from fraud acts. Google also use a code if the transaction needs to be done and the code can be used only once so in this way the application can be considered to be more secure.

This application uses both credit and debit card. You need to confirm the details of your debit and credit card before you own the application. Google has established partnerships with a lot of clients like financial institutions and merchants. Google has collaborated with almost 70,000

Stores like discover, American express. Besides this the application can be used to transactions with the retailers like McDonalds, subway but all stores are not considered by this application.

Android Pay APK 1.12.141346482 New Features for Android:

  • You just need to unlock and tap to pay your bill.
  • You can try this application at the popular spots.
  • You can use your loyalty and gift cards.

Download Android Pay APK 1.12.141346482 latest version free here

Android Pay APK 1.12.141346482 screenshot-

Android Pay APK 1.12.141346482 latest version free download
Android Pay APK 1.12.141346482 images
Android Pay APK
Android Pay APK
Download Android Pay APK
Download Android Pay APK

 Android Pay APK older version:

  • Android Pay APK version – 1.10.139978031
  • Android Pay APK version – 10.139240444
  • Android Pay APK version – 9.138143493
  • Android Pay APK version – 8.135831409
  • Android Pay APK version – 2.111627672

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