How To Increase Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Note N7000

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the most popular handsets in the market at this time. Samsung placed Galaxy Note between the section of a Smartphone and the tablet. With a screen size of 5.3 inches Super AMOLED one can easily understand why people like this handset so much. Besides this, Galaxy Note is geared with 1.4 GHz dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor which is supported with 1 GB RAM. With so high configuration Note required a big battery also, that’s why Samsung included 2500 mAh battery for this handset.

Even after including such big battery, at times Note suffers with battery drain problem. The prime reasons for this are:

  • Big display &
  • Background running processes

To improve the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note aka Galaxy Note N7000 here are few tips which might help you.


1. Screen Timeout

Screen timeout turns off the display of Galaxy Note automatically when it is left idle. To save the battery, keep the screen timeout at minimum level. This would help in keeping the screen inactive immediately after it is left idle. For this you just need to go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and then change the time as per your choice.

Screen Timeout setting in Galaxy Note

2. 2G Network Mode

Galaxy Note is the best performer when 3G network is taken into consideration. With single charge it can survive for 12 hours and 47 minutes on 3G talk time. But still if you use 2G network it will help in keeping the juice out of the battery last longer. For this go to Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks >Network Mode and then select option for “GSM only”.

Network Mode in Galaxy Note

3. Decrease Brightness

Since the display is big, brightness plays a vital role in battery consumption. We checked and found that when the display is active, it eats the highest percentage of battery. Just like other Android handsets, Galaxy Note also comes with automatic brightness setting which adjusts the screen brightness based upon surrounding light. This automatic effort is applied with the help of sensors which will continuously eat battery. To turn off this feature just go to Settings > Display > Brightness Setting and then uncheck the “Automatic Brightness” option. Once the option is unchecked you can set the brightness level as per your choice.

Brightness option in Galaxy Note

4. Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & GPS

Whether it is Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPS, they eat battery when the option is active. It is highly recommended that you turn off these features when they are not in use. They can be easily accessed by pulling down the status bar from top. Tap on each of these options to turn off.

5. Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode is an enhanced feature in Galaxy Note which when turned on automatically starts saving battery in according fashion. There are two options available in power saving mode. One is System power saving mode. This uses default settings for power saving. The other one is custom power saving mode which only gets activated below the set battery level. Usually in this set battery level is 30% but you can edit it by going into custom power saving mode settings. To access these option you need to go to Settings > Power Saving and then select your power saving option accordingly.

6. Disable Live Wallpapers

Android handsets introduced Live Wallpaper concept with beautiful effects. They look really very beautiful but consume battery at the same time. So don’t use live wallpapers.

7. Use Task manager/Power Manager

Using a task manager or power manager is a good option. You can use Advanced Task Cleaner or Go Power Master. Go Power Master is in fact a combination of task killer and power manager. In this you can easily manage power modes, set switch modes as and when battery is low and check consumption where you can also kill certain running tasks.

8. Disable Auto Sync

There are certain apps which constantly sync to get updates from internet. Few of them are Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and the Google account with which your phone remains linked. Every time when it syncs it accesses web which drains battery. To stop these apps from auto syncing you need to go to Settings > Accounts and Sync and then uncheck the option for auto sync.

Accounts and Sync option

9. Use Power Saving Widget to Toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync, Screen Brightness & Screen Timeout

Power Saving widget is quite handy. Once put on home screen, you can directly toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync, Screen Brightness and Screen Timeout. To access this widget, long tap on home screen and then select widgets. There you will get all the widgets from where you can easily select Power Saving widget.

10. Use JuiceDefender

Last but not the least; JuiceDefender has got all features which can help you in saving battery. This multipurpose app is best in class and is available free with limited options. If you want full options available then you have to buy the pro version.

Well, if you follow these simple tips then you can easily increase the battery life of Samsung Galaxy Note N7000. If you have any tip or question then do share with us through comments.

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    i am observing too much heat above the place of battery i think processor.
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