BeeTalk APK 2.3.0 Latest version free download

BeeTalk 2.3.0 Latest Version Free Download

Download BeeTalk APK 2.3.0 Latest Version Free for Android

The latest BeeTalk APK v2.3.0 version has been released. Messaging is one of the most popular activity these days and with the smartphones the number of messaging applications has also increased. Now a days there are a number of messaging applications available for people and people everyday search for new messaging application and if you are looking for the top trending application then Bee talk must be the app for you which comes with different features. BeeTalk app which is developed by bee talk helps people get a better experience with chatting. BeeTalk application can be downloaded free of cost from google play store.

Bee talk has become one of the most popular application which is famous for messaging. Both the audio and video messages can be send by this application. The quality of both the audio and video messaging is great. The interface designed for the users is also great.

There are some notable features also which can be found within this application text, audio, and video messages for free. It also helps people finding their friends at their nearby location. This is a great platform for users for chatting. There are some stickers available which are ad-on for a wonderful chatting experience. The unique feature of BeeTalk is the whisper message. This message will disappear after the message has been read by the recipient. Some other features like doodle, group chat and other features are also advantageous for people

BeeTalk APK 2.3.0 New Features for Android:

  • You can use Flip option which has different features. You can flip right to like and flip left to dislike.
  • Use the shake feature to find new friends.
  • You can look around and find new friends around you.
  • Whisper the magical message which disappears after recipient sees it.
  • You have free calls, text messages for unlimited period of time
  • You can use doodle to draw and sketch.
  • You can use stickers to enrich your chatting experience.
  • You can group chat and group vote as well.

Download Bee Talk APK 2.3.0 free here

Bee Talk APK 2.3.0 screenshot-

BeeTalk APK 2.3.0 Latest version free download
BeeTalk APK 2.3.0 images
BeeTalk APK
BeeTalk APK
Download BeeTalk APK File
Download BeeTalk APK File

Bee Talk APK older version:

  • Bee talk APK version – 2.2.9
  • Bee talk APK version – 2.2.8
  • Bee talk APK version –2.2.7
  • Bee talk APK version –2.2.6
  • Bee talk APK version – 2.2.5

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