Cooking Fever APK 2.2 Latest Version Free Download

Download Cooking Fever APK 2.2 Latest version free for Android

The Cooking Fever APK 2.2 has been released. Are you also the one who likes cooking? Then this application is totally meant for you. Cooking Fever game have already been downloaded by millions of users. The developer of the game Nord current brought fun in cooking in new ways. After installing the game you will see that you can install the game easily and you can easily make the meals and desserts in the list. The recipe listed in Cooking Fever application are from all over the world and thus you can follow the simple recipes and cook your favourite food. Most of the people who downloaded the game already consider this game to be addicting and interesting.

The graphics of the game are awesome they are colourful and animated. You need to have time management to complete the task. Variety of food like fast food, burgers, Chinese are available on this application. Once the food is cooked and your customers are satisfies you will be shifted to next level. There are about 300 levels in the game. This game is designed for those people who love cooking.

Cooking Fever APK 2.2 New features for Android:

  • There are more than 300 dishes to cook from 100 ingredients.
  • It gives you 15 different locations to cook.
  • You can upgrade your kitchen appliances as well.
  • This application will ask you to enable some of the features on your smartphones.
  • It will give you region specific recipes.

Download Cooking Fever APK 2.2 free here

Cooking Fever APK 2.2 screenshot-

Cooking Fever APK 2.2 latest version free download
Cooking Fever APK 2.2 images
Cooking Fever APK
Cooking Fever APK
Download Cooking Fever APK
Download Cooking Fever APK

Cooking Fever APK older version:

  • Cooking Fever APK version – 2.1.2
  • Cooking Fever APK version – 1.1
  • Cooking Fever APK version – 2.0.1

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