How to Monetize YouTube Channel & Earn Money in 2020

There are about five million videos are to be watched on per day basis and these days YouTube becomes very essential part of the life of people as they are spending an average time of  40 minutes on a single secession of video. With the help of YouTube it becomes very easy to know about the world where you can share number of things that you want to show the world that may your talent of doing something or any type of judgment or reviews that people like to watch for getting relevant information of that product.

Now there are many people who earning with the help of YouTube and getting popularity in that particular field for which people like to watch them.

There are number important steps that are required to become a successful You Tuber and earn in 2020-

  • You can become a partner of YouTube and earn from advertisement-

For most of the You Tubers, the ad is the essential system of revenue from YouTube and after that you can Buy Youtube views Malaysia is the place where the number of people is watching the content of YouTube and that is why people are buying the viewers. If anyone is streamer then they can increase the view of comment after becoming a partner with YouTube.

As per the rule of YouTube it is necessary to get 4000 watch hours of videos and at least 1000 subscribers with in the last 12 month but it is not that simple as it is not possible to get exact 4000 watch time, for such time of condition there is a relief where you can get 100 hours on each on any 40 videos that will work as same in case you don’t want to Buy Youtube views Malaysia.

  • Monetization of YouTube by using the affiliate link

Making promotion of any affiliate link will help you in earning from YouTube and you will get huge number of opportunity for becoming featured member of YouTube that will give you huge number of views and increase the visibility much time you will be asked to Buy Youtube views Malaysia but if you think that you have that much opportunity where you can become famous with your talent then you can proceed using the links and hashtag in each of your videos.

  • Master the SEO of your YouTube

If you have enough number of subscribers and earning with the help of YouTube then it is necessary for you to manage you channel but you may not have that much time where you can handle all your work so it is necessary to hire an SEO for your channel who will manage the content of your channel and tries to keep you in Trending of YouTube sometime users not get views from the people of Malaysia so it becomes necessary to Buy Youtube views Malaysia.

Hence if you want to increase the visibility of your videos and earn with the help of that then try to follow the above steps.

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