MX Player APK 1.8.13 Latest Version Free Download

Download MX Player APK 1.8.13 Latest Version Free for Android

Latest version of MX player APK has been released. Video player is an important application which should be chosen with care. People also need to make sure that they will have the best application for video player if they are using android phones specially if their smartphone ids their companion most of the times. This can be a choice for people as it comes with lots of formats and it supports them. MX Player application is easy to use and it plays all the video songs smoothly. Every video got messed up when they are treated with converters. There are various advantages of this application one of which is that this application is powerful.

The hardware design of MX Player App is useful with the strong CPU and enough RAM. Thus people can enjoy the experience of watching three hour movie as well. It has also other features like hand gestures which are more responsive. The hand gestures perform various functions like swiping, rewinding etc. people can watch the videos repeatedly. And also give option like customization of subtitles.

There are some disadvantages of the MX Player APK APP such as if people want to watch long videos with higher performance there may be a skip in the videos. Especially when they use S/W decoder also ads may appear which also may be annoying for you. Even the video player is still attractive android users cannot resist to use this application.

MX Player 1.8.13 APK New Features for Android:

  • Hardware decoder can be used to apply hardware acceleration.
  • Multi core decoding is supported by this device. And it supports dual core performance which is better than single core devices.
  • It provides zoom and swiping across options.
  • Subtitle gesture are also their which helps to see backward and forward.
  • It provides a kids lock feature also without worrying about whether it gives access to the applications or not.

Download MX player APK 1.8.13 version free here

MX Player APK 1.8.13 Screenshot-

MX player APK older versions-

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  2. MX player APK version- 1.8.11
  3. MX player APK version- 1.8.10
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